Coronavirus samples detected in wastewater, the best metric for estimating community viral activity, suggest infections could be as rampant as they were last winter. A smattering of health facilities around the country, including every one in Los Angeles County, are requiring masks again. JN.1, the new dominant variant, appears to be much more adept at infecting those who have been vaccinated or previously infected how to destress after work than earlier variants. Harvard University’s first Black president has resigned following a weekslong firestorm of criticism including backlash for how she has handled antisemitism on campus and accusations of plagiarism in her academic work. If you’re experiencing the back-to-work blues, you’re not alone. While it can shock the system, there are ways to stay motivated and ease back into a healthy routine.

  • So, I understand the challenges, pitfalls, and frustrations that women experience when climbing the corporate ladder.
  • After all, we spend a significant part of our waking hours at work.
  • Don’t wait to become a statistic; start your de-stress at work techniques today to help you live a happier, brighter, calmer life—at work and at home.
  • The difference could be driven by changes in vaccines and variants affecting how much virus people shed, said Marisa Donnelly, a Biobot epidemiologist.

You might have a cup of coffee and spend 10 minutes reading the news every day before you start work, or take a 15-minute walk every day when you end work. If you’re working from home, your laptop might permanently be stationed at your dining room table or you might have stacks of paperwork sitting next to your couch. But having visual reminders of your work all over your house will make it hard to fully disconnect. And if you had a particularly bad day at work, those visual reminders can keep the bad mood going into your personal time. Most jobs require you to spend a lot of your time staring at a screen. And after a bad day at work, the last thing you need is more screen time.

How To Not Think: Hint, It’s Not What You Think

Studies show that by watching something funny, you release endorphins, soothe muscle tension, relieve pain, and improve your mood. You don’t need to have a mental health condition to try therapy. Feeling overwhelmed at work is a perfectly valid reason to reach out for additional help and support. Set up a quiet time to talk with them and calmly discuss feeling overwhelmed by challenging tasks. Approach the conversation from a place of problem solving, rather than listing out complaints.

Even better, it can be a way to create a mental habit of relaxing your mind and letting go of job stress after a long day of work. Finally, one of the most fun and effective ways to leave job stress on the job is to really focus on making the rest of your life while taking your mind off of stress of your work life. This means creating enough balance in your life to include leisure time and hobbies.

Focus on something else

You’ve been enjoying a much-needed vacation with your family, and it hits you. Whether you spent a week in Paris or decided to make it a staycation, getting back into the swing of things can be challenging. In a survey commissioned by Zapier, 87% of knowledge workers admit that there are things they dread about returning to work after enjoying time off.

Whatever small pleasure you usually deny yourself, just go for it. Invisible stress is real, and it can build up into chronic stress. Sometimes we don’t notice it because it’s been there the whole time, like a freckle or mole.

Strategies for Coping with Stress in 30 Minutes or Less

Adequate rest is crucial for maintaining mental health and recovering from work stress. Research suggests that getting even just 60 – 90 extra minutes of sleep per night could result in being overall happier and healthier. Aim for around 7 – 9 hours of shut-eye each night to wake up invigorated. Eating nutritionally balanced foods helps your body get essential nutrients to battle stress and maintain general well-being. A proper diet can improve mood and energy levels so you’re able to cope with work-related anxiety.

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